Mobile Bar Hire

Imagine a party without any drinks? Boring right? Well, a bar is a must when it comes to hosting any event. Be it wedding, birthdays, or any other occasion, more and more people are selecting the option of mobile bar hire. Gone are those days when bars were considered to be static, just rooted to a single place for years to come.

mobile bar hire

Mobile bar hire are getting popular with each passing day and more and more firms are joining the league. Three Counties bar hire is one such professional firm offering its services in the field of bar hires for past many years.

Be it bar hire for wedding, corporate events, mobile bars, or providing the best bar equipment, Three Counties bar hire has no competitors. We can take care of all your bar hire needs once contacted and make sure that your event gets the finest quality of bar hire services.

Here is an overview on the bar hire services offered by our team.

Bar Hire Services

Mobile versions of bar hires are becoming a popular trend in party industry nowadays. After all there are many advantages associated with it. First, there is no need to install your own bar and go through the hassles of buying the different drinks as per everyone’s choice.

Mobile bar hire does the job for you. Moreover, mobile bar hires can add the zeal to your party. You can surprise your guests with a drinking competition and get crowned as the best host of the year. Three Counties bar hire has a complete team to take care of your requirements when it comes to mobile bar hires. We are just a call away and can get everything organized in no time.

We have different themes of bars from which you can choose as per your need and liking. We also possess beautiful wooden mobile bars, stainless steel downlit bars, circular cocktails bars and the all new Newton light bulb bars mixing both elegance and modernity. Three Counties bar hire makes your mobile bar hire a posh affair and leaves no stone upturned to turn your occasion into the best event.

Wedding bar hire

Organizing for your big day? Well, Three Counties bar hire can be of great help. People want their wedding to be grand. This is the reason why they look for exquisite venues, be it indoors or outdoors. Thus, popularity of destination weddings is gaining heights. Moreover, a wedding bar hire which can be installed anywhere is also getting admired. Our bar hire team works day and night to make sure that there is no fault when you are planning your wedding. The best thing is that their customizable bars can be suited to any theme, color, or background. You need not worry about the difference in color combination of the bar and your other preparations. We also offer a love filled light bar to add to the ambience of the day. We have a list of elite clients who have only good words to describe their services. In fact, we have gained many clients as a result of past recommendations only. Three Counties Bar Hire also offers you help in selecting your reception drinks menu.

Bar Equipment Hire

Hosting an event can actually be a pain. Moreover, organizing a bar can be highly stressful. Thus, Three Counties bar hire takes care of all the bar hire equipments as well. They get all the necessary equipments required for setting up a bar and get your event going. Glasses, draught equipment, etc are all included in the bar hire equipment. Our equipments can be tailored as per your need and desire. A small party may not require grand equipment while a huge event like wedding may require impressive equipment. Thus, our bar hire’s representative talks to you and get all the details required to offer you the best package for the bar equipment. They take special care in providing only clean and hygienic bar hire equipments.


Three Counties bar hire gives you different options for making payments for the drinks ordered.

Cash Bar

You can either have a cash bar installed. These cash bars are famous among wedding organizers. They work similar to pubs where the guests are needed to pay for their drinks on their won. In this way, your cost includes only of arranging for the bar equipment and installations of a bar. Drinks cost is not included in your bill.

All of our pay bar options each provide

  • Staff Hire
  • Mobile Bar
  • Temporary Events Notice
  • Glass Hire
  • Draught Drinks
  • Cocktail Barman

To secure your "Cash Bar" please contact us and fill in our online booking form, pay your £150 booking fee. There are no more hidden charges and we will even pay for your temporary events notice.

circular mobile bar

Part Paid Bar

Second option is of token bars. These token bars give you an alternative of making payments for a set number of drinks. These bars operate on a tab system. The guests are given tokens to be handed over at the bar in return of the drinks. In this way, none of your guest would be left without a drink and you will also get to know if any one consumes more than the required limit.

To secure your "Part Paid Bar" please contact us and fill in our online booking form, pay your £140 booking fee. There are no more hidden charges and we will even pay for your temporary events notice.

Free Bar

The final option is of free bar which allows you to offer unlimited drinks to you and your guests. To secure your "Free Bar" please contact us and fill in our online booking form, pay your £140 booking fee. There are no more hidden charges and we will even pay for your temporary events notice.

Areas We Cover

Three Counties Bar Hire can provide mobile bar hire services for a number of locations across the UK.


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