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Any event is incomplete without drinks. No matter how many preparations you make for your party, you require a good drinks service to make your event a success.

Food and drinks are the heart and soul of any kind of social gathering. So you need to provide your guests with the best food and drinks service. We help you to set up an area dedicated to drinks from where your guests can get all kinds of drinks to quench their thirst.

However, the drinks that you serve to your guests should be completely chilled. For this purpose, you need proper refrigeration facilities, which can keep your drinks chilled throughout the duration of your event. What is the point of drinking a beer if it is not chilled? The food that is served at the event also needs to be stored properly. We offer you the best fridge hire packages as a solution to your refrigeration problems.

refrigeration hire

Why hire us?

We provide the highest quality refrigerators, which are energy efficient and suit the needs of the client. There are various types of fridges available like multi deck chillers, beer coolers, refrigerated displays, freezer chests, under the counter bottle fridges and catering refrigeration.

Whichever type of fridge or freezer you require, we provide it. We believe in serving our clients only to the best of our abilities. There are various benefits of hiring our services.

  • You get quality refrigeration facilities to store your food and drinks. Mobile refrigeration is necessary to meet the food-hygiene standards.
  • We offer fridge hire at a very competitive price to suit any kind of budget.
  • You can book our services to manage the drinks department efficiently so that you can focus on the other elements of your party.
  • We cater to all types of refrigeration requirements. You just need to discuss your requirement with us.
  • We provide all the refrigeration equipment after conducting a safety check so that any kind of fault is detected beforehand and you do not have to face the problem of a malfunctioning appliance while your party is going on.
  • We provide first-class customer service because our customers deserve the best.
  • We install the equipment at the location of your event before your event begins and check whether it is in proper working condition or not before leaving.
  • You can go for fridge hire that can be used for promotional purposes with your company's logo printed on it.
  • We provide fridge hire services to all parts of UK. Whenever you have an event next time, you can give us a call for fridge hire.

Refrigerators, which are available on hire

  • • Bar chillers single door- These come with fully automatic operation and interior light. Temperature can be adjusted as well as shelving. Drinks can be arranged and kept on display.
  • • Bar chillers double door- These have the same features as the single door bar chillers. The only addition is the second glazed door. These chillers can store a larger quantity of drinks than the previous one.
  • • Counter refrigerators- These can be used for display and have under-storage for keeping the extra supply. The curved glass and illumination from the interior light make the fridge very convenient for parties.
  • • Upright chillers- These are tall refrigerators which provide a large display capacity. They have fan assisted cooling and adjustable shelving. They can be easily utilize in the bar area for serving drinks quickly to the customers.
  • • Under the counter refrigerators- These are usually meant for keeping beers and water bottles because these two drinks are highly in demand and the bartender just has to bend down and retrieve the bottles.

Events for which you can hire our services

You can go for fridge hire for any kind of event because food and drinks are a part of every event and they need to be stored at the right temperature. Some of the events for which our customers avail the fridge hire services are birthdays, engagements, product launches, corporate events, weddings, festivals, theme parties and family get togethers.

Reach out to us

If you are planning a party or an event, you can call us to discuss your refrigeration needs. We can guide you in case you are unsure which type of fridge suits your needs best. You can contact us via phone or email for consultation. After you select the fridge for your event, we deliver the unit to the venue on the date and time fixed by you. We take care of the installation so that you are able to use the unit efficiently throughout the event.

We are your best option for fridge hire, beer fridge hire and bottle fridge hire in UK. Whenever you require our services, Contact Us.

Areas We Cover

Three Counties Bar Hire can provide beer bottle coolers, bottle fridges, double bottle fridges and refrigeration units for a number of locations across the UK.


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