Circular Bar Hire

The Next Big Thing!

Why shift the party to a side when the party comes right to the center? This is exactly what makes a circular bar hire service popular!

Circular bar hire

When we have traditional tall or corner bars, most people are generally seen hanging around the corner, leaving the rest of the space empty and dull. If it’s a party in a large room, it can create a very empty look and also the guests may have trouble accessing the bar. With a circular bar, whether it’s a big or small venue, the attention stays right in the center and the guests can easily make way to get their drinks. Imagine a corporate party where the main focus is on networking and socializing. Now if you have booked a large party hall and place the bar on a corner, chances are people will stand around the corner and the whole idea of moving around and meeting people will be defeated. Now imagine bringing in a circular bar hire and placing it right in the center, people will literally be moving around in circles, thus meeting more people and having a great time.

This is true for weddings and actually all kinds of events. At most parties the crowd is maximum near a bar so shifting it in the center just spreads out the crowd and avoids a huddle. Also, with a circular bar hire you can serve more guests at a time and avoid a long wait to get your drinks. A circular bar hire thus not just looks great but is also a practical, convenient and definitely very stylish option. At Three Counties Bar Hire you can choose from a wide range of circular bar hire variety and bring in the one that best suits your needs. Whether you need a large circular bar or a smaller more compact one- we offer all kinds and sizes.

Circular bar hire services

Circular Bar Hire services are definitely the next big thing as more and more people notice the life it brings to a party. People get the chance to be more social and planners can avoid empty and deserted areas. Thus, even those not drinking can be right in the middle of all the fun. A circular bar hire also serves the very practical issue of space management. You can stock up everything within the circle, from bar equipment to drinks and serve your guests with ease.

We provide circular bar hire services all over UK so that you can book our services for your event without a moment's hesitation. We deliver the bar of your choice to the location of your event on the day and time allotted by you. If you hire other services like drinks, kegs, ice buckets, beer taps, refrigeration and bartending, we provide those too along with the bar.

Circular festival bar

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Three Counties Bar Hire can provide circular bar units for a number of locations across the UK.


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